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Features & Benefits of ePaper Digital Edition

Features Benefits
Familiarity of a Hard Copy Digital editions replicate the experience of flipping through a printed copy. Customers have the ability to look through just as the hard copy appears in hard copy complete with the identical layout.
Access to Archives Digital editions enable access to archived editions.
Full Text Search The full-text search in the digital edition shows the color-coded references in the text.
Online Subscription Automated subscription to manage & distribute the digital edition.
Reader Friendly The zoom in and out capability makes your digital edition reader friendly even for readers with visual impairment.
Full Screen Viewing Our digital editions have a full screen viewing option.
Download Option You choose if you’d like to be able to print or download your digital edition.
Social Media Integration Share on social media site ( Facebook and Twitter) directly into your digital editions.
Save on Storage Save on storage space by saving digital archives for library & future reference.
Global Availability The digital ePaper is available online 24 hours a day worldwide.
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally friendly- saves trees and energy used in printing & distribution of hard copies.
Anytime, Anywhere The ePaper is readable on your iPad, Android tablet/phone , PC, Blackberry e.t.c

Payment Methods Supported

airtel money
Orange Money
vodacom m-pesa